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Gorilla Services Industries, Inc.

Gorilla Services Industries is a very unique, nation-wide cleaning and recycling contractor. We have cleaned thousands of events in over 25 years of exceptional service. We maintain a full fleet of trucks and specialty equipment, plus teams of special labor to insure your cleaning needs are handled professionally.



Gorilla Services now provides composting services. This assures that your events trash, recycling, and organic waste material will reach its appropriate destination.

Event Services
  • Event Cleaning & Recycling Teams

  • Load - In & Out Teams, Course Crews

  • Storm-Drain Protective Covers, Power Washing & Sweeping

  • Trash & Recycle Cans, Boxes, and Decorative Covers

  • Porter Services and Restroom Attendants 


Trash & Recycle Tent Operation

                  Waterfront Park

Buick Invitational Operation

    Torrey Pines


Rock N Roll Marathon "Night on the Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada

Golf Events

Gorilla has provided ecology cleaning and recycling services for Golf Tours, from PGA to celebrity Pro - Ams, including:

President Cup, World Golf Championship, Drew Brees Celebrity Classic, and many more... We can provide uniformed teams of any size all outfitted with equipment & carts from our inventory.

  • Scrim and Course Setup

  • Rope Lines

  • Course Maintenance

  • Trash and Recycle Cans, Bag, and Supplies

  • Complete Venue Cleaning and Waste Removal



Marathon Events

Gorilla provides cleaning & recycle services for all kinds of marathons from San Diego to New York. Our teams will handle all aspects of your race cleaning needs including:

  • Course / Finish line / Spectator Seating Set-up and Breakdown

  • Course Maintenance with Trucks, Specialty Vacuums, Carts, and Hand-Sweepers

  • Dumpster Loading & Recycling, Compost Separation Teams

  • Spill Kits / Storm-Drain Protection

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